"It’s kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney x


We dared dream differently…

We took the digital challenge and we embarked upon developing highly interactive digital content for tablets and smartphones. This is how epublio, one of the first Romanian digital publishing houses, carved out its way in the digital industry at the beginning of 2012. We are pioneering through the creation of engaging and innovative experiences meant to entertain and inspire, to keep end users in line with the latest technological and publishing upheavals.

Whether you intend to provide your readers with an alternative to the printed content, or to keep your employees / customers updated on your activity or products, epublio is your digital publisher of choice. We deliver high quality and affordable digital content from any source format to tablets and smartphones.

How do we do that? Simply, by tailoring our solutions such as eBooks, eMagazines and Marketing Materials to our customers’ needs in a way that adds value to their work and make them thrive on competition. Moreover, our publishing and consultancy services are meant to shed light on the steps our customers should take in the digital world.

What makes us different? The way we combine creative excellence, publishing expertise, interactivity approach and digital agility into breakthrough solutions.

And we went live!


Our Mission
We are committed to crafting outstanding digital interactive content for tablets and smartphones and to building long-lasting relationships with its customers. Our main focus is to reach excellence in innovation and creativity so as to strengthen our brand visibility globally. Thus, not only do we stay in line with the ever-changing market, but we strive to anticipate its next move.

Our Goals
Rocketing to the top. We aim at being a leading publishing house that blends cutting edge technology, with digital publishing expertise and a personalized approach to deliver solutions that go beyond end users’ expectations.

Committing to customers. We are committed to deliver value through excellence in quality, innovation and creativity to end-users. Our activities maintain our customers’ centric views and revolve entirely around their needs and requirements, generating loyalty beyond reason. We partner with our customers, we permanently communicate and empathize with them and this is the key factor that lays the grounds of a long-term collaboration.

Joining forces for success. Simplicity defines our work, but excellence makes it competitive. We do not just supply solutions to users, but we team up with them, as well as with our colleagues and stakeholders, to jointly create breakthrough digital interactive content that addresses critical demands.