"It’s kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney x


They are innovative, creative and resourceful

I cannot recommend epublio enough. They are innovative, creative and resourceful. They transformed our FOTO4all magazine into the first Romanian publication especially designed for iPad and they sure know how to get involved in promoting you and your projects. I cannot imagine ever working with anyone else when it comes to digital publishing. These are good people who deliver results.

Without epublio, the printed version of Storybook Helsinki and Beyond would not be a reality!

Without epublio, even the printed version of our Storybook Helsinki and Beyond would not be a reality, much less the gorgeous interactive version they developed for us. We were able to bring publishers early drafts of the book in the iPad format that epublio created and publishers quickly grasped the concept in a way that had been only theoretical until then. Each member of the epublio team brought remarkable talents to our project. Brilliant workmanship and impeccable technological capabilities were grounded in patient respect and complete integrity.

I couldn't be more grateful for each of them.

We were very impressed

epublio is not only one of the nicest team to work with on our branding project, but also one of the most efficient, with good knowledge and experience. We have been well-advised and informed, outstanding in every aspect. This is how things should be done. We have already recommended you to our partners.

epublio for me, epublio fur mich, epublio pour moi, epublio para mi

epublio for me. In fact, I'm talking about eMircea and eCristina. With small "e", but with a capital "M" and a giant "C". A PC and a pencil. An engineer and a designer. A boy and a girl, a longtime friendship.

epublio, the ideal partner for VSLO. Why do I say that? Imagine yourself practicing "indoor climbing". Exactly! That straight wall with some specific climbing holds that you have to scale to the top using your fingers and your feet. This is the way I feel when VSLO is about to start. I am staring at the rigid wall in front of me that I have to clamber up.

It seems to be easier at the beginning, but by the time you reach the middle of the route, when your fingers hurt, when there's no chalk left on your hands, when the belaying system is getting tighter, you start looking for the best climbing hold.

In 2011, I started to climb up the VSLO 2012 wall. epublio showed up in the midst of the way, as a huge hold anchored to the wall. It was exactly what I needed the moment I decided to fall.

Cristina introduced the project and suddenly I began to relax. It's not that I fell of the wall; on the contrary, I was standing on a platform; the platform that Cristina and Mircea came up with. And the  sensation was great...wow!

After a few months of development, the "VSLO Project" rolled up. The first and the only project designed for a photography festival, at present. Certainly, Cristina kept repeating that she "teased" me by sending lots of emails to ask for all kinds of stuff! Hmm! Let me tell you, had I been surrounded by people like her to "tease" me that way, I'd be 10 years younger!

This is an exceptional team you can take off with, without worrying about anything! There is one thing you should pay attention to, Mircea and Cristina can turn all your ideas into reality! So be careful what you wish for; because epublio makes it come true!