About us


We took the digital technology challenge and embarked upon developing highly interactive digital transformation and content.


This is how epublio carved out its way into the digital technology industry, at the beginning of 2012.


We pursue, partner and thrive for disruptive innovative ideas and technologies. We remove jargons and complexities from data analytics and help our partners in solving their data challenges.

We help organisations realise and unearth the values in their data assets. Our open mantra to our customers is “Start small and calibrate the potential of your analytics goals, based on data and evidence”. In this process, we advise, help build and support our customers in all critical aspects of data-to-analytics capability building and challenges.


Passion for what we do, enhanced by the experience acquired along the way has turned epublio into a cohesive group of experts that excel at what they do and team up for joint success.



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