In mid March 2020, Aruba confirmed its first case of COVID-19 in the island. A crisis task-force formed by Government of Aruba was looking for a data-and-evidence-driven approach to manage this crisis.


The task force required a single source of comprehensive insights, with focus on transmissions trends, forecast and healthcare system readiness stats for daily briefing and monitoring.


In partnership and collaboration with epidemiologists, public health department and local administration teams, we built and operationalised an analytics Dashboard within few weeks. Abstracting the underneath data and modelling complexities and providing intuitive insight on a complex data-set was the main focus of our work.


Aruba is highly reliant on tourism. With island lockdown and closing of the international borders to control the virus transmission, the economy of the island is severely impacted. This Dashboard is being used for monitoring of COVID-19 ongoing impacts and also helps determine the future strategy for the island.

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