Modernising and re-platforming a forecast and prediction model to help SVb Aruba with old age pension reform policies.


Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVb) Aruba ensures social protection for the citizens of Aruba. The forecasting and modelling ecosystem which they were using to drive the pension policies and reforms were legacy and spreadsheet based. This meant significant effort to operate and maintain these models and lack of trust and transparency in model insights.


We re-platformed this legacy ecosystem to a modelling landscape, developed on latest in data science technology stack. Following agile methodology and applying the best practices of design, we redeveloped each sub-models of this complex model from ground-up. The result is a scalable modelling platform with ability to evolve into model-as-a-service.


The new modelling landscape provided immediate TCO saving and ability to evolve the new modelling landscape as service for the whole organisation. SVb Aruba is able to focus and address all the dimensions of pension policy reforms within few minutes. Now, SVb Aruba has data-and-evidence-driven policy making capability.

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