"It’s kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney x

Without epublio, the printed version of Storybook Helsinki and Beyond would not be a reality!

Cody Douglas Oreck

Without epublio, even the printed version of our Storybook Helsinki and Beyond would not be a reality, much less the gorgeous interactive version they developed for us. We were able to bring publishers early drafts of the book in the iPad format that epublio created and publishers quickly grasped the concept in a way that had been only theoretical until then. Each member of the epublio team brought remarkable talents to our project. Brilliant workmanship and impeccable technological capabilities were grounded in patient respect and complete integrity.

I couldn't be more grateful for each of them.

Why going digital?


The world is turning digital!

  • tablets and smartphones are viable tools for entertainment and business
  • digital publications are spread faster and bring mobility, flexibility and interactivity at a quick touch

How it works?


Simple, creative and innovative!

  • content is available on tablets and smartphones in different formats: eBooks, native apps
  • latest technologies like HTML5, EPUB3 are used for creating interactive content

What it brings to you?


Differentiate yourself from the rest!

  • offer an innovative interactive experience which entertains and inspires, promising immersive experiences to final users
  • reach a global audience instantly while saving space, money and time

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